Haunted Apartment – Part III

By Theresa Rutherford

Justine began to see entities in her bedroom. She described them as silhouettes and lights and they terrified her.

This is Part III of a four part story, please consider reading Part I & Part II before going further.

In The Haunted Apartment Part II I mentioned that our landlord friend (I called her Justine) came home for a visit this past week. We had a great time visiting with her; both upstairs in her place and downstairs in our suite. Thankfully most of our visits were in our suite, which I am more than okay with.  

Justine has now gone back but the night before her flight out we were having a few glasses of wine down in our suite. Our topic of conversation was light and easy so I thought it might be a good time to broach the subject of my experiences upstairs. I did not go full out here, I just started out describing how I had a hard time sleeping upstairs during the two nights I stayed in her place. I described how I experienced scary nightmares, which became absolutely terrifying on the second night. I then laughed about how I scared my husband by waking up screaming. I kept it light and didn’t give her too much more info as I was testing the waters to see what her reaction might be.  I was truly surprised when Justine turned to me and point blank said “You’ve seen them then.” I was shocked but I continued to probe her for more information. Only after she was done did I feel comfortable telling her the rest of my experiences. I’m glad we talked.

Justine went on to tell me how in the first few years she could feel “something disturbing” in the house especially the kitchen area. She then started having nightmares. Justine began to see entities in her bedroom. She described them as silhouettes and lights and they terrified her. It then escalated to hearing voices. One night she awoke to hear a loud voice that simply yelled “WHITE CRYSTALS!” Her husband (whom was also sleeping in the room at the time) never saw or heard anything so he of course put it down to some kind of nervous manifestation resulting from the stress of their recent move. He was more than a little incredulous when she started placing crystals around the house. Justine described her situation as knowing she had a problem that needed to be resolved and was being told there was nothing to worry about. “What do you do with that?” she said, “I didn’t know what I could do to stop it!” 

After some research and talking to a local spiritual healer she protected the upstairs (especially the kitchen) with crystals and then smudged the house. I guess you might say she stood her ground. She is no longer having issues and is now feeling comfortable in her own home. So this leads me to this question, why am I having these experiences here and why are others in my family also feeling something here? Is it still here (whatever IT is) and just not bothering Justine anymore? We are starting to move into our new house on Tuesday of next week, I certainly hope this thing does not follow me over there. 

My husband is out of town tonight so I am in the house totally alone and I am a little nervous about it (scared really), I won’t be going upstairs that’s for sure. 

Interesting side note:

During Justine’s research she discovered that our nearest town had a violent past between the logging company and an aboriginal settlement that lived there at the time and it was not good. I now wonder if this may have something to do with what is going on here?

The people who helped Justine resolve her issues with the house believed that the problems lay in the land the house is built on, not in the house itself. Either way it’s not good.

This story was originally published by the Ghost Story Guys Podcast – Ep. 31 Apr 17, 2018. Thanks Brennen and Ian!

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Ghostly Lessons from the Other Side

Submitted by: Anonymous

 It appeared to be a large human form with outstretched arms that looked like they were about to wrap themselves around to grab me. Then I heard the footsteps, close and directly behind me. Footfall sounds that should not be there

I lived in a smaller city located in the vast flatlands of the Canadian prairies. The neighbourhood in which my family lived was an older area built with no green spaces and very few places for kids to hang out together, especially for poorer kids with limited money to participate in organized sports.  I was one of those kids. 

I had a small group of friends and we were very tight and unfortunately kind of tough. Nothing much scared us and we were known to get into a bit of trouble on occasion.   

As we lived in the older part of town we were not far from the oldest (and creepiest) cemetery in the city.  This cemetery was as old as the city itself and had gravestones that dated back to 1800’s. Many had pictures of the dead on the tombstones: the little boy holding his favorite toy along with his baby brother in a casket together, an older gentleman in quiet repose in a coffin, a weather worn black and white photo behind broken glass of a smiling young couple that died too soon.  It all added up to a very disturbing place to be, even during the day. So of course we chose to meet there at night, proving to ourselves that we could not be frightened.  

We became quite comfortable hanging out there where no one could find us. For the most part we sat around and smoked while talking…well girl talk. I think we felt safer there than in the neighborhood because we believed no one in the right mind would come here at night!

One evening after hanging out with about four of my friends at the cemetery, the time came around when we had to head back home.  We were in a playful mood that night so decided to try to scare someone by taking some debris we found and drape it over a large old tombstone which could be seen along a busy road that passed close by the cemetery.  We fashioned it to look like a person standing in the graveyard and laughed at how creepy it looked, never thinking about how disrespectful the whole thing was.

We started for home giggling excitedly about how we were really going to scare some poor person tonight.  We were moving fairly quickly as we were already past our curfew. I was walking just behind my four friends with my eyes to the ground watching how our shadows moved as we walked under and then past the overhead streetlights. I was last in line so my shadow was also last, moving in a logical manner behind the others. Five shadows walking home, just like us…until…there were six.  We were part way home when I saw it, yes there was my shadow as we passed under another light but there was also something else. Directly behind my shadow loomed a very dark sixth one, it was so close.  It appeared to be a large human form with outstretched arms that looked like they were about to wrap themselves around to grab me. Then I heard the footsteps, close and directly behind me. Footfall sounds that should not be there; I knew what it was and why it was following us. Terrified and screaming I dropped to the ground then incoherently tried to explain to my frightened friends that we needed to go back and uncover the tombstone.  My fear was unmistakable and once we understood how disrespectful our actions were and that we may have disturbed more than just the gravesite, we knew we had to go back and make it right again. 

We could not return fast enough to remove the offending debris.  After it was cleared our journey back home was frightening but thankfully uneventful.  It was a lesson well learned, especially when we considered it was one that was taught to us by someone from the other side.