Dark Art

Art by Wanda Fraser

As the illustrator for The Hunting of Us Webpage I have created many works of Dark Art which I am excited to share with you. Some pieces are already posted to this webpage and I have attached links to the story they depict. I have also done work for other webpages not associated with THOU and you will find links to these also. I am always looking for new mystical creatures or paranormal entities to depict in an illustration and would welcome your contact if you have one you would like to see illustrated. Perhaps I will draw and publish yours!

Rahu Za

The Sun Eater

The Multi-eyed Serpent

Rahu is recognized by as an astrological deity by many different religions, Buddhist, Hindu and Tibetan being among them. It is a celestial deity that is most often tied to Ketu which is considered to be a shadow planet. One of the most interesting tales depicts the serpent deity Rahu (the sun eater) swallowing the sun and causing what we know as an eclipse.

For more reading on Rahu and Ketu:


Rahu Wikipedia

This illustration can also be found:

The Ghost Story Guys Instagram – The Dark Art Series


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