Dark Art

Jenny Greenteeth


While it isn’t always clear what exactly the hag creature Jenny Greenteeth is, in some stories they’re the ghost of a witch while in others they’re some sort of fairie monster, what it is they do is always the same.

They lurk in the depths of deceptively deep ponds across Lancashire, hidden among the pond weeds smiling their camouflaged green smile up at the surface, delighting in the play of children above.

Watching for an unwary child to come cool off in the water.

Watching for an ankle to stray too close to the weeds they are hiding within.

Watching for their next meal to get close enough to grab…

Written by Luke Greensmith

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

For more details on Jenny Greenteeth, including similar creatures of folklore and a load of variations in the names used for green duckweed hag, check out this link:

DarkTales Blog

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The Haunting of Us – Dark Art Digital Downloads

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