Dark Art

Black Cat

Halloween Folklore 2020

The Black Cat

Black cats seem to have caught a bad reputation in the anti-witch hysteria stemming from the 13th to 17th centuries. Already at a disadvantage from their colouration as a black animal, associated with carrion feeders such as crows, and therefore, being considered bad luck by European cultures. They also managed to get connected to superstitions about witches, as they were believed to be familiars, or even transformed witches. 

This sadly led to the deluded witch-finders and their mobs of followers killing black cats while they chased lonely old women to persecute, and this stigma against the poor animals continued for a very long time. As culture has moved further away from violent, bloody, power fantasies at the expense of the innocent, black cats have lost their stigma while picking up a connection to the spooky fun of Halloween. 

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

If you would like to purchase a digital download of Wanda Fraser’s Dark Art check out her online shop. For 10% off your purchase use the code THOU10.

The Haunting of Us – Dark Art Digital Download

Now some of Wanda’s artwork can be purchased on fabric. I will be adding more designs as I create them so keep an eye out!



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