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Poroniec – Slavic Folklore Europe

One of Europe’s older, and therefore way less glamourized, traditional vampire-like creatures, the Poroniec is believed to have a dark origin. A lot of superstition surrounded the safety of pregnant women and newborn babies in what is now Poland, and the Poroniec was one of the dangers that could befall a complication with the pregnancy or the newborn before they got to 6 weeks old and were finally named.

Should tragedy befall a baby any point before that 6 week mark of personhood, including before birth, and their body is not properly disposed of, then a dark and spiteful creature can result. The Poroniec, jealous of the life it never got to have and powerful from the wasted potential of a life unlived, would proceed to attack pregnant women and babies in the night to feed on their blood.

Sadly, Slavic traditions were passed on through spoken tales and a lot of what survives only comes from Christian chroniclers. Finding a respectful description is tricky, especially as the Witcher books and videogames are how the Poroniec is now best known. 

Poroniec info by: lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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