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Unicorns have reached a very glamorous and sanitized image in recent pop culture, but does anyone really think the mythical creature chosen for the Heraldic Arms and national animal of Scotland would be a push-over? Stories of unicorns have been around for a long time, and anyone who knows old stories knows how they go: regular horses kill on average 20 people each year, and a unicorn is a fairy creature with a stabby bit on top! 

Historical depictions of unicorns are spread across the world from Europe to China, and throughout the Islamic countries in between. 

These include such stories as the tales of a virgin taming the beast, to one particular story of a unicorn fighting (and killing) an elephant. The most popular story of unicorns though are sadly those of them being hunted for their horn. This alicorn was well renowned for purifying poison even long severed from the unicorn, and in the times before modern medicine such a thing was worth far more than its weight in gold. If there ever were living breathing unicorns roaming the land, I’m sad to say they almost certainly were hunted to extinction for their precious alicorn horns. 

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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