Dark Art

The Banshee



The Banshee of Ireland.

While commonly thought of as either a simple death omen and/or ghost of a person, the Irish Banshee is something far more complicated. A name closer to the original spelling gives this away: The Bean-Sidhe. While there are a lot of variations on how to spell this name they roughly mean “woman of the fairy mound” or “fairy woman”.

A Banshee is a fairy creature known to mourn the death of descendants of certain Irish bloodlines. While unnerving and thought to be bad luck, those who hear the wail of the Banshee and take heed can spend time saying goodbye to a family member whose time is near.

Luke Greensmith – Ghost Story Guys

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

For more info, and a reported story, check out:


Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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The Haunting of Us – Dark Art Digital Downloads

Now some of Wanda’s artwork can be purchased on fabric. I will be adding more designs as I create them so keep an eye out!


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