Urban Legends

Urban legends are very much a modern branch of folklore, they’re the campfire stories we bring indoors with us. Not quite as recent as online creepypastas, but they’re very grounded in contemporary life. With that grounding, comes an extra chance to freak out, as these can land very close to home!

Creepypastas, the online campfire stories. Things not merely reported upon by the Internet but things which have sprang forth from its depths. If the name seems odd, it’s because it is. It’s a derivative of copypasta, which is message board slang for copy and paste. The creepypastas, therefore, being scary stories being copy and pasted to spread them. There’s a lot of overlap with Urban Legends, those themselves able to spread via copy and paste posts online, but typically when someone refers to something as a creepypasta they mean something that’s made specifically by and for the internet. This in no way invalidates them, it’s just a modern medium for a type of story we brought with us from the origin of language in prehistory. Plus, some of them are a lot of fun!

Luke Greensmith – Lukelore Podcast

The following is a collection of Urban Legend art and stories from around the world. If you would like to see your local Urban Legend covered drop us a line HERE. We would love to hear from you!

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Art by Wanda Fraser

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