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Amityville Horror House

Amityville Horror House


The Amityville Horror House is one of the most famous haunted houses in the world, thanks in no small part to how visually striking it is. For all the impact the book and subsequent movies had, though, the main haunting everyone knows is a famous fraud. 

Yet, there are still some disturbing details outside of the debunked events… 

There was a genuine tragedy that occurred which was incorporated into the story of a haunting. Someone who lived there went room to room with a rifle, shooting everyone else in the family in their beds. They claim to have drugged everyone. Only, there is more to this story. Forensics found no sign of any drugs, despite the claim drugs were used, and some family members appeared to have been awake at the time as far as the examiners of the time could determine. 

This means the six murdered family members all lay face down in the same position and did not react to the gunfire. In addition to the family not reacting to the gunfire, no neighbours reported any loud noises despite some noticing the family dog going wild at 3am that morning as the killings were carried out. It’s very uncomfortable to contemplate such a crime even without inexplicable elements on top. The killer died in prison this year, which may be a relief for some, but also means the last chance for solid answers now gone. 

There is also the infamous Amityville Ghost Boy Photo. It was taken by paranormal investigators in what should have been an empty house that had quite a lot of activity to confirm it from the assorted investigators. Even should this be a regular boy in the house sometime, it was taken in exactly the right way to instantly send chills down the spine as you look at it. 

Story by: Luke Greensmith of Lukelore Podcast

Listen: Conjuring a Grudge – Haunted Houses On Film EP 33

Art by: Wanda Fraser

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