Urban Legends

The Bunny Man

Fairfax County in Virginia has a dark secret which has since spread far and wide in the shadows… 

The story goes that one year a bus full of asylum inmates crashed, and all but one of the patients was captured. Attempts to track him just found a trail of gutted rabbit corpses. The escaped inmate was still at large when, on Halloween of that year, children trying to pass beneath a bridge encountered a man in a rabbit costume wielding a hatchet. In some stories the children escape, in others they end up gutted like the rabbits the trackers found, but from that date onward, on Halloween people must beware the Bunny Man Bridge.
The only problem being…which one is it? 

The first was Colchester Overpass near Clifton, Virginia but there are multiple candidates, and as the story has spread so has the potential Bunny Man Bridges. Is the Bunny Man moving about? Is there more than one Bunny Man now, as copycats pick up the hatchet on Halloween? Best to stick to well lit paths and not find out in Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland where the stories have spread to. 

Story by: Luke Greensmith of Lukelore Podcast

Art by: Wanda Fraser

Social Media: Instagram & Facebook

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