Urban Legends

Clown in the House

I’m using a variant of this one, because I think the added detail here is awesome. It’s a detail plenty versions of this story do just fine without, but it’s a great garnish to this tale of babysitting peril.

It was a last minute babysitting job, and the parents are extra fussy, but the pay was good and the parents really wanted this babysitter as their usual wasn’t available but recommended this substitute.

After the long list of what not to do was gone over, the parents leave for their night out and their only child was already put to bed. All the babysitter needed to do was keep an eye on the child and the house for an easy payday.

As requested, the babysitter pops in to check on the sleeping child every hour. They aren’t too happy doing this though, as there’s a creepy life-sized clown toy sat on a rocking chair in the corner of the room.

After checking on the child at midnight, the babysitter just sits back down on the couch when the landline rings. 

A breathless voice describes what’s they’re wearing and starts to laugh. Panicking, the babysitter checks all the downstairs windows as they ring the parents on their cellphone.

“Hello? Oh, thank God I reached you. I think some creep is outside the house looking in.”
“Oh, okay. We’re heading back now anyway. Make sure everything is locked then please sit in with our child.”
“I just checked all the downstairs doors and windows. Do you mind if I move the big clown toy to sit on the rocking chair?”
“Clown toy?”
“Yeah, the big life size one sat in the kid’s room… Hello, are you still there?”
“Listen VERY carefully. Call the police and go get a neighbour to help RIGHT NOW. WE DON’T OWN A LIFE SIZE CLOWN TOY.”

Story by: Luke Greensmith of Lukelore Podcast

Listen: Urban Legends Ep. 30

Art by: Wanda Fraser

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