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Momo – Creepypasta


The Momo Challenge is a story of cursed technology. Originating in Latin American countries before spreading much further, children would be given a number to message on WhatsApp and then challenges would be issued. From watching a scary movie, to dangerous dares, all the way up to instructions to harm themselves. These challenges being backed up by the creepy Momo, watching and threatening those foolish enough to get involved. 

This is widely considered to be a hoax that the press blew out of proportion as easy bait for less technologically savvy parents. It was children trying to scare each other, and Internet trolls surprising people with images of the alleged Momo. The strange birdlike monster has an origin completely unrelated to this though and is actually based in folklore. The uncanny features of “Momo” are a sculpture of a Japanese yokai by artist Keisuke aiso. The unnerving figure being that of the Ubume, or Bird Woman, yokai. The sculpture has long since been disposed of, it never being intended to last and as such it was built in 2016 from materials which steadily degraded. The artist put out the message, “The children can be reassured Momo is dead — she doesn’t exist, and the curse is gone.” 

Here’s the real problem though… Just because there’s an origin to the image, doesn’t mean there isn’t something out there using that image to make a connection and wreak havoc… 

Story by: Luke Greensmith of Lukelore Podcast

Art by: Wanda Fraser

Social Media: Instagram & Facebook

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