Dark Art

La Lechuza


There are many paths to magical power, according to the traditions found throughout the world. In Mexico a woman who becomes La Lechuza has taken a damning shortcut by dealing with the devil to become a powerful Bruja, gaining mystical powers and a strange transformation at night. 

By day an ordinary seeming woman, if still secretly a witch who has made a deal in exchange for her soul. At night though they become a giant owl creature so large it can carry a grown man away in its talons or run a car off the road to strand victims in the desert. Brute force is not their preferred way to attack however, La Lechuza have a reputation for lurking outside of houses on high perches waiting for a chance to strike at the vulnerable and have a talent for mimicry to lure people out into the open away from help. 

Don’t forget that this is no mere giant bird making the sounds of crying infants, as if that wasn’t bad enough. The whole point of their demonic pact was mystical power. Just having La Lechuza watching a house can curse it with terrible misfortune up to and including deaths in the family, and it is said that to look into their eyes is to risk losing your soul. With all this power comes invulnerability to physical violence, even guns won’t bother La Lechuza. Salt can ward them away though, and curiously vigorous enough swearing and insults can drive them off too. 

Praying may help, but cursing loudly and creatively enough can be a soul saving talent here. 

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser, THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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