Dark Art

Black Annis

England UK

Black Annis

There’s a saying that the cottages of Leicestershire have such small windows, so that Black Annis can only fit one arm in when she tries to get you… 

Black Annis is a terrifying local witch, or possibly a simpler hag bogeyman creature, in England who is more famed for their unnatural physicality than magic curses. Long and spindle limbed, Black Annis has iron claws with which to trap her chosen victims. Reportedly her favourites being children and lambs, the skins of both she would cure and wear around her waist as trophies. Her favourite catch of all is that of misbehaving children, who taste all the sweeter to the flesh hungry hag. 

The grinding of her teeth was your warning to lock up everything tight, for Black Annis is a sneak attacker who will lunge in through open windows before dragging her meal away into the night. She’s also known to drop down on top of people out of oak trees, so listen out for the grinding of her teeth above your head as you walk the woods of Leistershire, especially near Black Annis’ Bower Close, a cave she is said to have dug out of the sandstone with her own too claws. 

Keep your ear out for that tell tale grinding of her teeth at night, and should you see her pale blue face peering in through a window back up fast because the iron claws shall soon follow! 

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser, THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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