Dark Art



Onryō – Japan

While a part of Japanese folklore, pretty much anyone could identify an Onryō by sight thanks to the popularity of horror movies such as The Ring and The Grudge. Pale, and clad in white, long black hair plastered to their grim visage, Onryō are the Vengeful Spirits of Japan. 

The absolute most terrifying and most dangerous kind of Yūrei, or ghost, their powerful negative emotions in death make their shade powerful in unlife. Able to kill with ease, they prefer the object of their ire to live long miserable lives of constant fear and stress. 

The rage of an Onryō is so all-consuming that anyone can be caught up in their curse just from coming too close to the haunting, and even if the Onryō is exorcised or moves on to the afterlife of their own accord, the vengeance curse can remain as a lethal stain upon the locations they once stalked for the unwary to blunder into.

Text by @lukegreensmithscarybits 

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

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The Haunting of Us – Dark Art Digital Downloads

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