Dark Art

Black Eyed Kids

Halloween Mysteries 2020

First reported in 1996 by journalist Brian Bethel after a late-night experience in Abilene, Texas, the Black Eyed Children have since carved out a significant place for themselves in modern folklore. These deceptively young-looking predators, their features obscured by long hair or loose clothing, are said to approach homes and vehicles, often those with single occupants. They then ask permission to enter, always for apparently innocent reasons, and can only seem to do so if explicit permission is given.

All credible reports of the Black Eyed Children end with the experiencer refusing them entry – we can only assume those who do open their doors don’t live long enough to share the story. 

Witnesses who have survived these encounters, including Bethel himself, say the children possess a kind of enchantment, which entice the witness to allow them entry. Often it’s only at the very last minute, when the faces of the children – and their coal black eyes – are revealed, that the witness comes to their senses. Our sole saving grace is that these things, whatever they truly are, only pose a danger if we let them.

Written by lukegreensmithscarybits

Art by Wanda Fraser , THOU in partnership with The Ghost Story Guys Podcast

If you would like to purchase a digital download of Wanda Fraser’s Dark Art check out her online shop. For 10% off your purchase use the code THOU10. 

The Haunting of Us Digital Downloads

Now some of Wanda’s artwork can be purchased on fabric. I will be adding more designs as I create them so keep an eye out!


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