Haunted Places

St Louis Ghost Train

St. Louis, Saskatchewan Canada

Phantom Ghost Lights  – St Louis, Saskatchewan Canada

It was close to midnight when the young man left his friend’s farm just north of the small village of St Louis.  He planned to come home earlier, as he knew a storm was on its way, but a winning card hand changed that. Now, walking home late in the chilled night air he pulls his jacket’s zipper as high as it goes trying to keep warm. Seeing the flashes of lighting dance across the dark clouds, which were now blotting out the stars, he curses himself for not leaving earlier.  

Stepping up his pace he was relieved to see he is approaching the rail tracks, on the edge of town. As he was reaching the tracks he thought he could see the light of a train, moving just around the bend through the tall brush. It was hard to gauge how far away it was or how fast it was going so he decided to wait and let the train pass before crossing.  As he stood observing the light move towards him he became puzzled by the fact that he could not hear the train, no sound of a locomotive, no iron wheels rolling across the iron tracks, nothing! The light grew brighter and brighter while increasing in size but still no sound! Suddenly a small red light also appeared, swinging back and forth as if held by someone, maybe a signalman? Why, what was he looking for this late at night? 

Just as the young man expected to finally see the train become visible around the corner, the phantom lights just simply disappeared! 

Metis settlers founded the small village of St Louis in the late 1800’s. It’s located south of Prince Albert and northeast of Batoche in Saskatchewan Canada. 

The villagers have been witnessing the phantom lights for generations and the phenomenon has been investigated since the 1960’s. In 2014 Canada Post issued a stamp depicting the St Louis Ghost Train as one in a series of five memorializing Canadian ghost tales. The St Louis Ghost Lights was also featured in an episode of the television series Unsolved Mysteries. 

There are several stories around the lights but the most popular legend dates back to the 1920’s where a railway conductor was hit and decapitated by a train as he was completing a routine inspection of the tracks. It is believed the bright white light is the headlight of the train and the small red light is the conductor’s lantern as he searches for his head.

Once the train line near St Louis was no longer in use the tracks were removed but the ghost lights are still seen moving along the path where the tracks originally ran.


The land the tracks were once on is now privately owned; permission must be obtained from the owner before visiting this property.






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  1. Mari Hill says:

    I absolutely admire the illustrations for these stories. I also write paranormal, horror short stories, but to have the ability to add the fine art that this author does, such talent.

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