MAY 13, 2019 

Story by Wanda Fraser

Once again I awoke screaming and crying with my husband (James) trying desperately to wake me. I know he had a very difficult time getting me out of this one and was quite disturbed by it.  

We’ve moved into our new place about three weeks ago and are pretty much settled in.  We just have a few more transfers of  “stuff “ from the suite and then back again for the final clean up.

When we first moved into the new house the atmosphere was very different than at the suite. It was happier, lighter with no negative feeling. Each time I go back to the suite I can feel the darkness/negativity again, I also feel like I am being watched or observed in some fashion. The back of the garage (which leads to the big rock in the basement) along with the stairwell (which goes over the big rock) still feels very unsettling.  I was avoiding the upstairs because of my fear that what ever this is follows me to the new place but I’m not sure yet if this avoidance has worked. 

For the greater part of the three weeks in the new place I was sleeping very well but about three nights ago I started dreaming of my deceased family members again. The first night was not too disturbing but the second night was terrible.  In this dream I was being pursued by four entities in the basement of my deceased Uncle’s home. In my dream I knew that if they caught me I would die. The floating figures had featureless faces and were tall but for the most part they looked like black silhouettes with some sort fiery white/blue plasma type flames emanating off them. They looked very much like the entities I dreamt about in the upstairs of our rental house, except these beings were in the house and not just looking through the windows trying to get in. Once again I awoke screaming and crying with my husband (James) desperately trying to wake me. I know he had a very difficult time getting me out of this one and was quite disturbed by it.  James ran to get me water and ordered me not to go back to sleep again until he came back so I know he was really freaked by it. Once I was out of this dream state I had to walk around to shake it off but I was quite afraid to go back to sleep again. This nightmare crap is making me kind of angry.

Yesterday I waited until my husband stepped out to take the dog out for a walk. I stood in the living room and told whatever it is that has followed me to go back where it came from and that it’s not welcome in my house.  I strongly stated that this is my home! I never invited it in and I want it to get out!  Sounds silly I know, standing by myself in my home talking to something or someone I can’t see and telling it to go away. I felt a bit foolish, but my anger certainly trumped that initial feeling. I had a good night’s sleep last night so maybe it worked. 

Hopefully I’m done with whatever is trying to invade my space but I will keep you posted should something change.

This story was originally published by the Ghost Story Guys Podcast – Ep. 35 May, 2018 – Thanks Brennen and Ian!

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