DECEMBER 10, 2018 

Submitted by: J.C. Regina, SK Canada

Illustration by Wanda Fraser

Across the road from my building was walking a young lady. This in itself was not unusual but it was what she was wearing that gave me pause. 

For many years I worked in the downtown area of my hometown Regina. During the week it was a busy place to work as being a government town and the capital city of the province many head offices were situated there. There was always plenty of foot traffic out and about especially through the lunch hour or when people were coming or leaving work. 

The downtown is quite pretty with tree-lined streets and a lovely park in the center.  I was quite pleased when I was assigned a desk by the front windows of the building and I could enjoy the view. 

One afternoon I happened to look up from my work to see a strange sight. Across the road from my building was walking a young lady. This in itself was not unusual but it was what she was wearing that gave me pause.  She was wearing clothes that looked like they were from another time. She had a grey long-sleeved shirt and calf length skirt. On her head she wore a winged bonnet that tied under her chin. The wings on the bonnet were large and completely covered her face from the side. That along with the fact she was looking down toward the sidewalk made it impossible to see her face even from the front. On her feet she wore a tie up black boot of some sort and you could see they were high enough to completely cover her ankles and part of her calves. She was walking quickly and had a determined (or frightened) posture to her movement. She was clutching onto a large book (or a number of smaller books, I’m not sure) and was holding them close to her chest with both arms. 

It was certainly strange and she very much looked out of place,  because of this I jumped out of my desk and over to the side windows so I could see where she was going. There was no break in her stride as she walked across a very busy street and continued to walk full tilt until I could no longer see her. 

One of the stranger things I noticed as I thought about it later is that no one on the busy street so much as turned their heads to look at her as they passed by which should not have been the case considering her unusual garb. 

I’ve heard stories of time slips where people are able to see things from another time.  I have also heard of people who have seen ghosts that look as real as you or me but something was just not quite right. Could this have been what I witnessed? I don’t know but I never saw her again. I moved to a new office building soon after and have since moved to another city but I often wonder if she still walks the downtown streets of Regina and if anyone else has ever encountered her presence.

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