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The Well Loved Desk

As I was inspecting the piece she looked over her glasses towards me and said “Just so you know, this piece of furniture has a ghost associated with it…

She’s Looking Out for Me!

Author: Bobby Magee – United States I had a good friend named Heidi Fredette, who was violently murdered. When she passed, needless to say, I was devastated and the police were unable to bring anyone to justice. Many years went by, and I moved on with my life. However one

Haunted Apartment – Part III

By Theresa Rutherford This is Part III of a four part story, please consider reading Part I & Part II before going further. In The Haunted Apartment Part II I mentioned that our landlord friend (I called her Justine) came home for a visit this past week. We had a

Ghostly Lessons from the Other Side

It appeared to be a large human form with outstretched arms that looked like they were about to wrap themselves around to grab me! Then I heard the footsteps, close and directly behind me. Footfall sounds that should not be there; I knew what it was and why it was following us.

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