Fact or Fiction

The Slave Master’s House

Found on Reddit: r/Paranormal/Ein727

My grandparent’s last house was an old plantation style house from the slave era in Kentucky. There were still chains on the wall in the cellar and there used to be some slave houses on the property when they moved in from what I understand. Real deal stuff.

There were three bedrooms upstairs, two of which that made contact with the stairwell. One of the rooms had a doorway to the stairwell. I slept in one of the two rooms that were adjacent to the stairs, depending on who else was sleeping over.

I would stay up later than everyone because at the time I was in 7th grade or so and I would still stay up all hours playing one of the final fantasy games. And in the late hours I would hear things.

No one ever used that main stairwell. There was a rear stair case that came up on the back side of the upstairs and that is what we used. The main stairwell was large and had beautiful wood work all the way up. It was always cold in that room, much colder than the rest of the house. I felt uneasy in there all times of the day.

There was an extra bedroom at the top of the stairwell that was not a part of the rest of the upstairs. It was closed off and had a lock on the outside of the door. Before we moved in they had planned on making that a playroom for the kids, but once they moved in that never happened. Both the stairwell and that extra room were always unsettling.

At night, after I was done playing games, I would lay in bed and some nights I would hear what sounded like the living on the other side of the wall. Walking up and down the stairs, things being dragged up the stairs with a clank on each step, murmurs of voices, and one time even light festive music.

The first time I heard the sounds I asked everyone the next morning who was going up those normally unused stairs so late at night. That first night I heard the clanks. It was around Christmas and I assumed that it was one of my uncles bringing up a bike or something to hide in the creepy side room so they could keep it a secret until Christmas morning. I didn’t assume the otherworldly at the time. They joked with me that it was “Ol’ Peg Leg Joe” going up and down the stairs.

A night or two later one of my uncles tried to scare me by using a broom handle and going up and down the stairs to make a peg leg sound. It was much clearer than what I had heard the night before and I knew it was them. After that they seemed to forget about and I would occasionally still hear sounds, but I know no one believed me so it was my secret terror.

I’d have to turn a light on upstairs during the day so I wouldn’t have to go up there in the dark at night. I know what squirrels sound like on the roof, I know what tree branches rubbing on the window sounds like – this was not that. Everyone was asleep, many nights it was just my grandparents and parents in the home and they had been asleep for hours – but I still heard the steps in the stairwell.

One night I had to sleep in the room that had a door to the stairwell. I heard the sounds in that room even clearer. I heard the doorknob, as if someone was just touching it on the other side. I could only bury myself under the covers completely, stomach side down, cowering in fear. I couldn’t make myself get out of bed. I then felt footsteps next to the bed. Then I felt the bed sink down on the right side, next to my foot, as if someone had sat down. The pressure never let up. That weight stayed there. I finally fell asleep from exhaustion and the next day everything was fine.

I never saw anything. I only heard and felt things, but it was still terrifying. This isn’t some bullshit “no sleep” story, this actually happened to me and I have never been more afraid in my life.

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