Fact or Fiction

Baby Doppleganger

Anonymous Author

I am the oldest of six kids. One passed away as an infant.My two younger sisters and one of my younger brothers used to like to push their mattresses together on the floor downstairs on the weekends and watch movies/sleep. My youngest brother still slept in his crib upstairs as he was still to young to roam the house at night as we had two staircases leading to the basement that he could easily fall down.

One evening, as my sisters and brother were about to fall asleep watching a movie, my youngest brother appeared at the bottom of the stairs. It startled them awake and confused them as he should have been in his bedroom sleeping. They asked him what he was doing, he just smiled, then turned around and ran around the corner to the staircase. My sister followed, but when she reached the bottom of the staircase he wasn’t there. It wasn’t possible, the kid had to climb stairs on all fours still and it took him minutes to climb them. Confused, my sister ran upstairs and asked my parents what my little brother was doing downstairs. They checked on him, and he was in bed sleeping.

All three of my brothers and sisters cried hysterically that night because they knew what they saw and it didn’t make sense. They still swear by it today.

Thanks to Everything Paranormal and Weird for giving us permission to use this story.

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