Fact or Fiction

Little Girl in White

Anonymous Author:

Just a bit of background: I go to a small town in Scotland for uni, it’s a pretty old university and a lot of the buildings in the town are made of stone and date back a couple hundred years including mine and my friends’ flats. Her flat is this really old stone building near the sea, but the inside is super dark with high ceilings that never really get lit all the way and it’s always cold (then again, Scotland). The house makes these weird noises at night too, like it’s settling (into hell) and it just feels like someone’s watching you.

Anyway, I was staying at my mates’ a couple of weeks ago after a quiet night in. I was asleep in my friend’s bed before she came home from work and I had this horrible night terror that some girl in a white dress was going to cut off my legs. My mate gets home and I apparently was just saying, “Not my legs, no, not my legs!”. When she asked what I was on about, I sat up and said ‘No, that wasn’t me, just go to sleep, don’t worry’. Which I don’t recall doing and have never done before during a night terror.

But the weirdest part was that as soon as I got back to sleep, her flatmate let out a bloodcurdling scream and said she felt like her bottom half was being cut off and couldn’t move. She said she had the weirdest pain in her legs the whole next day.

Unbeknown to us at the time, our friend had stayed alone in the flat for a week before everyone moved in and said she’d seen a little girl in white at the top of the stairs before she turned the light on. Which is great.

Thanks to Everything Paranormal and Weird for giving permission to use this story.

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